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Purium Heart Aid, support for a healthy heart. We live in a fast-paced society and it becomes increasingly more difficult to intake the proper amount and types of food our bodies need to sustain good health. Supplements provide a potency level we are unable to consume through our regular eating habits. 

Do you eat the following milligrams of each item below daily (it is a healthy life combination)?

  • 1000mg of Hawthorn Berry | 500mg of Cilantro, Garlic, & Guggulsterone Tree Extract
  • 300mg of Arjuna | 250mg of Ginger Root | 75mg of Grape Seed Extract | 30mg of Cayenne Pepper

If not, start eating this combination immediately or enter our drawing for a chance to win this product.

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Drawing: Saturday, August 17, 2019

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Heart Aid To The Rescue


What's in Heart-Aid


The Natural Ingredients


Why Take Heart Aid?

I say to anyone looking to improve their health I highly recommend Purium products. Yes, they cost a bit more than the items you can buy from your grocery store shelves. I say the products are worth every extra penny you spend. 

I've read many articles proclaiming the supplements we take for the heart are not really doing much, if anything, to improve our heart health, and I would have agreed based on the many products I have tried over the years before I found Heart Aid. 

My personal experience with “Heart Aid” has convinced me there is a quality about this product which makes a big difference when it comes to helping your body make sure there is a good blood flow to and from your heart. Why do I feel this way? It’s simple, I have started and stopped taking this product and the results of my inconsistency have convinced me. 

Being a person, whose entire work life required sitting at a desk either talking with people or pecking at my computer keyboard, most of my workday was sedentary. It wasn’t such an issue when I was younger because I made up for the day of sitting by an evening of movement.  As I have gotten older and my evening movement doesn’t offset my sedentary day, I knew eventually it would start to wreak havoc on my health. 

In my late 50’s I started to feel a frequent tightening in my chest. I started suffering from headaches. These symptoms had never been a part of my life prior to my late 50’s. When the tight chest started being constant day after day, and the headaches were daily I knew I needed to do something. That is when I started focusing on every supplement that was designed to help with unclogging arteries and blood flow. Every time I tried a new pill I made sure I took the recommended dosage and I did so for 30 days if I didn’t feel any better. After 30 days I would stop taking the supplement and wait 3 weeks to be sure my body was clear of the product and begin the same process with the next product on my list of possibilities.  I tried lots of pills and felt like none of them made a difference until I met Heart Aid. 

Heart Aid recommended 6 capsules a day (3 twice a day), it seemed like a lot, but I followed my rule and took the recommended dosage for 30 days. My plan was always to take the recommended dosage for 30 days and after the 30 days I could decrease the dosage. Heart Aid was the first product I took that allowed me to implement my decreased dosage plan because I felt like it was working for me within 2 weeks not 30 days. I continued the 6 tablets for 30 days but the difference I felt in 2 weeks was amazing. There was no more tightening in my chest, and I had not had a headache for 5 consecutive days. 

The absolute best part of taking Heart Aid and the reason I am so convinced it does something good inside of my body because when I stop taking it the symptoms of tight chest and headaches do not immediately return it seems to take months before the symptoms come back. Of course after having the symptoms always returning after several months during the last few years I am convinced it is a good idea to just keep taking the product to ensure my body has the best possible chance of combating the typical symptoms of getting older (hardened arteries and weaker blood vessels). Let me state, in all the years I have been tracking my product results I did not change my diet or introduce exercise that is the reason I am so convinced of the benefits of Heart Aid.

Now that I am convinced Heart Aid works, I will start the work of changing my bad eating habits and get back to some sort of mild but regular exercise. 

Thank you Purium for producing the Heat Aid product, John C of California

PS. A huge thanks to Angel's Heavenly Health. I am so glad I found the product through you because I love the surprise free product your company provides. Every time I see a package from Angel's Heavenly Health I know it a true savings to me and the free product comes with no strings attached. I wish more companies operated like Angel's Heavenly Health. 


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